Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Art Journal #2... A Small One

Here's my second art journal.  This one will be used for experimenting with smaller art projects.  Is my cover finished?  It is for now... but I may decide to do more later with it.  Time will tell.  For now, I love it.
This cover included bits of paints, spritzes, stencils... and again, it was...
This cute little blank journal is one I had left in my 'stash' after it retired from our product line.  I'm so glad I kept it.
I love these little 'findings' I added to the cover.
After completing the inside of the front and back covers using black gesso, I decided that I'll keep this entire journal with black pages.... maybe...  Whatever I decide, I know it will be really fun.
I think gesso is my new best friend.  I can't believe how wonderful it is to work with this product.  It takes the spritz, paint and anything else I can throw at it.  I've always loved spritzing my projects, so this is a win/win situation.
I used part of a stencil to get the 'coffee rings' effect on the back.  There's no right or wrong way to do projects like this, so it's always fun.  If I really didn't like it, I could always gesso over it all and start all over again.  No fear... only fun!!!
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