Friday, February 20, 2015

Art Journal #4... Because I Needed One More

Yes, here's another journal to share with you.  This one is full of large, blank pages... just waiting to be filled with creative goodness.  Oh the joy!  It is actually designed for using as a Mixed Media Art Journal, so I feel like I can get a bit of crazy goodness going and it can take it.  Here's the cover:
The photo does not do this one justice.  It is gorgeous in real life.  This one involves lots of paints, spritzes, sprinkled and heated EP, and lots of messy fingers work.
The elastic slips around to the spine side, when you want to open the journal.  You keep it like this and it keeps the journal closed, even if your pages get a bit bulky.  It opens up pretty flat and there are no spiral rings to work around which, after doing my other 3 journals, I really like not having to deal with them.
I used 2 sizes of our Butterfly Thinlits Dies to cut the butterflies.  I attached them with a layer of gesso and then put a couple of layers of gesso on top of them.  I absolutely love how they look on the cover.
I did not do the back cover yet on this one.  Sadly, I have to set it aside now and work on some other class prep.  I'll dive back into it soon and look forward to sharing the results with you.
 I actually got one more little journal in the mail and it has Kraft pages, so that will be an entirely different story... which may not even be mine to tell, because Aaron has his eye on it and he kind of knows how to give me that puppy dog look.  I have a hard time saying no to books or art supplies for kids.
SCRATCH THAT.  HE NOW HAS IT AND HAS FILLED UP SEVERAL PAGES ALREADY... USING MY NEW OIL PASTELS.  He is so creative.  He keeps it mostly at my house but begged to take it to school yesterday to show a friend who also has an art journal.  This makes my heart sing!

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