Monday, February 23, 2015

Perpetual Birthday Calendar

I had so much fun making my new calendar!  This one is to remind me of upcoming birthdays.  We're going to be making one together at my April 14 Scraps and Prayers class.  This should be a ton of fun to work on it together and see what creative touches each person adds to their own calendar.  Here's a sneak peek.
This shows how I decorated the chipboard base for the calendar pages.
Here's a tip for using a streamer like row of sequins:
Remove 3 or 4 sequins from the bottom of the string.  Separate the string into 2 equal parts and tie a knot.  Now, your sequins won't keep falling off all over your house:)

Here's a tip to save you time: 
Place all your labels for the 12 months on a large block and stamp just once.  Then you can punch out each month separately.  It saves a ton of time.  I have already stamped the months for each class participant, so they can spend all their class time creatively decorating each page.
Another tip: 
Sort out your sheets ahead of time, to be sure you have the right number of days you'll need for each month.
Here's everything you get in the kit.  I still have a lot of pieces left over that I can use on some other project.
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