Thursday, February 12, 2015

There's A New Stamp Set In Town

Meet the new stamp set in town.  This one is pretty cute!

It's called Lovely Amazing You.  To order, use #140594.
We also have another new stamp set that I haven't even shown you yet.  This one is called Snuggles and Smooches.  To order, use #140326. 
Besides nursing and babying a bum knee, I have 2 new creative processes going on in my studio right now...

1.  I've been working on my Heritage Album.  This is the most intense and time consuming form of scrapbooking that I know.  It is my true passion.  Because of the labor intensity, to do it right, it means that I go longer between sharing times, but I think it will be worth your wait.
2.  I've started a new love ... for me, anyway... an art journal.  I decided that I really enjoy trying new techniques and playing with new products.  I've ventured a bit here into some brand new (to me) products, to create the look I want, and this means taking time to see how each one works and all.  The purpose of my art journal is two-fold ---
  a.  I want to have some creative play time.  My soul cries for it and I must obey.
  b.  I want to experiment more with Mixed Media art ... in preparation for my March 21 class... and just because I really want to do it.
By putting it all in a journal, I have a ton of creativity all in one place, so it's handy and space-saving.  I've always wanted to start a journal and one of my goals for 2015 is to take a little more personal creative time... just for me.  I'll share my projects with you in upcoming posts.

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