Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My Cool Watercolor Technique Tutorial, Part 2

Today, I'd like to share a little more about my watercolor technique.  I love playing around with it because you get such different results each and every time.  It's always a wonderful surprise!  Let's look at a slightly different way to do it.

This time, instead of dropping bits of reinker directly onto the wet circle of watercolor paper, I put the reinker into a little paint palette.  This can help you control how much reinker you add each time and you can add a drop or two of water to each section if you need it to be lighter and/or thinner. 
Once you feel like you have enough color (reinker) on your circle, add just enough spritzing of water to get the colors moving and blending together.  It looks best if you don't have any completely white spaces, but you don't want your colors to blend so much that they get muddy.  Just play around with it until you get it the way you like.
Now, you'll still place the second circle over the wet one, smooth them together and then peel them back apart.  Here's where you see the wonderful surprise... each and every time.
I'll be back to share some other ideas for using this technique and we'll be using entire sheets of watercolor paper rather than just circles.

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