Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Watercoloring Play

I've been just playing around with watercolor papers.  I'm having fun!  Instead of working with just circles, as in my previous two posts, I started working with entire sheets of watercolor papers.  I still used the same techniques as I used in my first post ... just with whole sheets of papersThis first one is super cool.  After I did all the inking and spritzing, I added sea salt over it and left it there until the paper was dry.  Once I brushed it off, I got this cool resulting look.  I love it!
I still worked with one wet sheet at a time and then placed a second sheet over it to absorb the colors and the water.  
Can you tell that the one on the left (below) is the one where I added the salt?
After playing with some blue, green, yellow combinations, I switched to purples and a light blue.
I even went for some very bright orange shades.
So now that all my pieces are totally dry, what shall I do next?
Well, I thought that maybe I'd try some embossing over the watercolors.  On this one (below) I stamped our World Map stamp and embossed it with gold EP.  Cool!
Next, I stamped our Wildflower Meadow stamp and embossed it with black.  Love it, too!
Then, I gathered up a bunch of my remaining scraps, including some extra circle pieces, and tried some more embossing, including using white EP with some flowers.  The flowers on the circles are from our Forever Florals and Nature's Perfections stamp sets.  I've stamped butterflies from our Papillon Potpourri and Swallowtail sets.
If you try this, keep in mind that your embossing will come out differently than on smooth CS.  I like playing around with the different looks and textures.  I'll share again soon when I have some finished projects using all my goodies here.  Be sure to check back so you don't miss a thing.

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