Friday, February 14, 2014

Have a little heart!

I love collecting odds and ends of cookie cutters, molds and biscuit cutters.  No, I don't really use them for baking.  I decorate them!  Here are some of my latest hearts.  I made these for my Prairie Treasures booth.  They have double layers of hearts and each one has a different kind of embellishment.
Speaking of my Prairie Treasures booth, I went down there yesterday and added a bunch of goodies.  Take a look.  Isn't this the coolest little mirror/shelf?  I love it!  If I had a place to hang it in my own home, it would never have made it to my booth.
I am so sick of winter, I went ahead and took an entire display of Spring items down to my booth.  All the bunnies are ready for a good home.  Of course, it's snowing right now here... like crazy!  See what I mean?  I'm sick of winter.  I'm actually sick, too, with a super bad cold that has kicked up my asthma.  I need warmth and sunshine! 
I made all kinds of gift boxes.  I have quite a variety of shapes and sizes, too.
I have an entire collection of printer trays and divided boxes.  You could make the coolest shadow boxes ever with them.
So... even though it's snowing like crazy, it's Spring at my Prairie Treasures booth.  If you live in the area, I hope you'll go take a peek.  It's in the Root Cellar at the Wildflour... in downtown Decatur.

I have a big sale going on right now..... Valentine's Day items, all cards, wreaths... Go check it out!  Maybe you'll find some treasures.
All cards, calendars and Valentine's Day gifts... 50% off!!!
All wreaths... 35% off!!!
Before you go, check out this fun, new dip-dye technique.
Watch a video about it here.

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Now, go stamp something beautiful. 

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