Sunday, February 2, 2014

Some Sunday Cuteness

Just a quick post today to share some cuteness.  First up, some cute photos of my sweet Olive Jane.  She is a true product of her environment, including all the love and influences from her family.  She loves to read, loves playing with her stuffed bunny, loves trying fun foods, and is really getting to be quite a helper in the kitchen.

This first photo is very special to me, not only because of my sweet Olive Jane but also because this is a chair that was my father's and I passed it on to Jen, my daughter-in-law.  I was so touched when she chose to make it a special part of Olive Jane's nursery.

Her daddy made this delicious treat for her.
She even loves cooking with friends.  I got her her own cutting board and big cutting knife for Christmas.  The knife is a plastic knife for cutting lettuce.  I think she'll be great with it, with supervision, of course.

Last Easter:

Ever since my youngest grandson has been old enough to eat pretty much whatever he wants, he has never shied away from sour tastes.  Whenever we go out to eat, if I get a lime with my Diet Coke (very good, by the way!) or a lemon with my iced tea, Aaron begs for these sour goodies.  He sucks out all the juice, makes an incredible face, and asks for more.  My daughter, Jenn created this MDS page of Aaron and his pickle eating experience.
Isn't this a great MDS page:  my daughter and son-in-law, created using My Digital Studio, by my daughter.
And last, but not least, some winter memories.

Aaron and Olive Jane getting a ride in Nanna's big chair.  They love it.
Trips to see Nanna are so exhausting:)
Peek-a-boo!  Playing hide and seek with Nanna.
Have a great day, enjoy the Super Bowl, and have a blessed week.

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