Friday, January 9, 2015

Styles of Scrapbooking, Frameable Scrapbooking... Part 2

I have several more shadowbox frames to share with you today.  I love making these and hope they will inspire you to try a project like one of these.
Below are 2 shadowboxes I've made to honor my dad's side of the family.  I absolutely love old photos.  I am actually working on a plan to tweak and update these 2 projects.
Above, my great grandparents and below my dad and his sister (at different ages).  His youngest sister is featured in my last project - my drawer project - on the bottom left in the adorable outfit.
Here's a shadowbox frame I made to honor my late sister.  I love all her little girlie baby accessories... the rattle, the jewelry and the little shoes... with one missing lacy sock.
Last but not least... my drawer.  I have a fun story to go with this drawer.  We were getting ready to hold a garage sale and one of my husband's fishing buddies asked if he could add some things to our sale.   He came walking up our drive one day with an assortment of items for the sale.  One was this neat drawer from a remodel in the old science building at Millikin University (my alma mater for undergrad work) where he taught.  I took one look at it and told him I'd take that off his hands.  He had always wanted to 'make something with it' but had finally given up the idea.  I love it and love that it has history.
I could not get a better shot of my drawer project.  I was trying to take it inside with it still hanging on my wall.  I did not want to take it outside to get a better shot of it., as it's difficult to move and it was raining at the time.  I think you get the idea.  I added various objects that have personal significance and meanings to me. 

If you've never tried a project like any of these, I really encourage you to try one.  They are so much fun and a wonderful way to enjoy a bit of your family history each and every time you see them on display in your home.  

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