Thursday, January 15, 2015

Styles of Scrapbooking, Heritage Scrapbooking... Part 2, Digital Styles

In my previous post, I shared how heritage scrapbooking in traditional style is one of my most favorite ways to scrapbook.  There are times, though, when digital scrapbooking is essential to completing your project.  You can do some special effects with digital scrapbooking that cannot be done any other way.  You can also use it to include items in your Heritage Album that could not otherwise be used.

For example, I can take a photo of a very large painting that my mom painted and then use it digitally in my album.  I can also take a photo and enlarge it to 12 X 12" to fill the entire page, change it to be very opaque, and then add other images in photo boxes over it.  It is a beautiful technique.  With digital scrapbooking, you can add as many layers as you'd like and not have to worry about your album being too bulky.  You can also turn your page into a hybrid if you just have to add some real live embellishments to it:)

Here are some examples I've made using our My Digital Studio to create my pages.
The next 2 photos (below) are kind of like a miracle to me.  I didn't actually have this photo at all.  What I found was an old negative.  I laid it on my printer, backed it with plain white paper and ran a copy.  It worked!  I thought this photo was lost forever.
Notice the large, opaque background photo?
This photo is not in good condition, but I was able to 'tweak' it digitally and still use it in my album.  
Below... a photo of a very large painting that my mother did.
The next 2 photos are of my great great grandparents.  They were on old chipboard that was something like 2 X 5 FEET or more... very large!!! All the edges are crumbling and I know they won't last much longer.  I set them up outside and photographed them.  I know, the people are kind of scary looking, but they were part of my family history.  I wonder if she hadn't maybe had a stroke.

The next page is from an old photo that my husband's parents used for a family Christmas card.  I love it!  Wasn't my husband a cute little boy?
So... what do you think?  Would you maybe try some digital scrapbooking now?  I'll share one more way that digital scrapbooking can make some wonderful memories.  I had been making an album to celebrate the life of my FIL.  When he died, my husband asked me to make a CD that we could play at the visitation.  My digital 'album' I made is 75 pages.  My daughter set it up to play with Amazing Grace.  It was played at his visitation and everyone loved looking at it and sharing the wonderful memories from his life. 

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