Saturday, January 10, 2015

Styles of Scrapbooking, Going Digital

I have a totally different style of scrapbooking to share with you today... different from any of the styles I've shared so far.  It involves going digital.  I much prefer to get my hands on the materials I use for scrapbooking, most often using traditional styles, but there are times that going digital can be invaluable.

digital scrapbooking
--- using programs such as our MDS (My Digital Studio) to design complete layouts, including photo boxes and completing everything right on your laptop.  Even digital scrapbooking comes with options.  
---- You can choose to use an already designed layout and then choose to place your photos yourself or have them popped in randomly.  It's like a digital kit.
---- You can choose to design everything yourself, choosing where to place your photos, what stamps and embellishments to use and what colors and papers you'd like to use on your pages.
--- All digital scrapbooking comes with many options for styles and sizes of layouts... even little swatch books. 
--- You can also use a digital kit to design and have printed your very own hardback journal.  These are great for keeping notes, sketches and ideas for all kinds of scrapbooking.
--- You don't have to have the space (and expense) of keeping a 'stash' of materials on hand for your scrapbooking.  All you need is your computer and a digital program.

I'll share more of these projects later.  For now, let's take a look at a series of pages, all made with our My Digital Studio program.

First, a page I made as a tribute to our late friend, Ed, who played the organ at our daughter's wedding.
... a page I made of my dad (and me) when I was about 3 years old...
... a page I made, just for fun, after our Olive Jane's third birthday party...
I must share a series of pages created by my daughter, Jenn.  She does a fabulous job with digital scrapbooking.  Click here to see her blog.

My daughter Jenn's tribute to our late friend, Ed.
Digital scrapbooking is completely different from traditional scrapbooking but the results can be equally pleasing.  One big advantage is that, once you've completed your pages, you can have your pages and your photos printed all at one time!

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