Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Styles of Scrapbooking, Heritage Scrapbooking... Part 1, Traditional Styles

Today, let's look at another popular way to scrapbook.

Heritage scrapbooking is the most meaningful style of scrapbooking, to me, because it involves showcasing your family heritage and sharing the history of your family.  I love, love, love old photos... with their gorgeous sepia tones or sharp contrasts of black and white.  The pages of my Heritage Album are rich in sepia tones, rich in family history, and they touch my heart.  This is how I can tell my family story.

heritage scrapbooking
--- using vintage photos to share and preserve a family history.  This includes journaling that tells the story and history of your family.  This can be done using a traditional or digital scrapbooking style.  For this post, let's focus on the traditional pages I've created.  I'll share some digital examples in another post.

Here are several layouts I've made to showcase my family history.

This first layout is of my great grandparents, on my dad's side.  I love the poses.
This large photo is of my great grandmother, on my dad's side.  I don't have other photos to go on the opposite page of the layout, so I'll use that page for journaling and some coordinating embellishments.  She was quite the gardener and I love this photo where she is literally surrounded by her beautiful flowers.
This is one of my very favorite layouts.  It's a wedding photo from my great aunt and uncle and a photo of all my grandfather's brothers.  Here, you can see that I added torn vellum pieces with typed journaling to tell the family story.
These are my grandparents on my mom's side.  My grandpa called my grandma Molly.  The handwriting is in her own hand.  My mother had saved it in an envelope with an explanation on the front of what it was.
In this layout, I had a lot of journaling going on with it, to tell some of my family history.  Sometimes I type my journaling and print it on vellum CS.  For this layout, I wrote it all out by hand.  I feel so fortunate to have so many old family photos.  Most of them have identifying info on them.  Some, sadly, do not.
This layout is a tribute to my Aunt Vivian, my mother's sister.  I love how this layout turned out.  It took a long time to create it and I think it was well worth the time.
This layout is all ready to add my photos.
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