Monday, October 17, 2016

OBX 2016 ... An 'Interesting Vacation' ... Part 1, Our Arrival

What do I enjoy as much as paper crafting and/or spending time with my family?  Going to the beach!  This year was to be a special vacation because we hadn't had one in 3 years.  Well, I don't know if it was special, but it certainly was interesting.  Here's my tale ..... Part 1 .....

We're always excited to realize we're nearly there.  Yes ... we knew a hurricane was on the way but Bill kept telling me that everything would be OK and that it wouldn't really effect us.  Ha!!!
Above, the first sign (almost missed it:) for Awful Arthur's.  We actually didn't get to even go there for crab cakes this year because the road it's on is the first road behind the row of beach houses right on the beach.  After the storm, the road wasn't even there.  It became a giant river.
Above, going past our favorite little diner (Mel's).   We ate breakfast there at the beginning of our journey home.
Above, crossing the sound.  The Outer Banks is really a long, narrow strip of land off the coast of the United States.  This is the only bridge to get there.  On Sunday, the day after we got there, they closed the bridge.  They opened it a few days later by special pass only.  Yes, we were actually stranded for a few days.
Above, our favorite pizza place we go to each visit to the OBX.  Below, my white pizza and Bill's sausage and onion favorite.
Below, our first peek at the ocean this visit.  It was rough, but not really too bad.  The red flag was flying, of course, so ... no swimming.
You can see how far up onto the beach the water was ... almost to the dunes.
Come on back for Part 2... The Storm ... This was beyond scary!!!!!

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