Thursday, October 20, 2016

OBX 2016 ... An 'Interesting Vacation' ... Part 4, The Wound and a Great Doctor

If you don't like scary pictures, skip this post.  Yes ... this really, really, really hurt.  The story begins the day following the night of terror with the house shaking and the rain pelting down in flooding amounts, while trees hit and ground against the side of the house and the roof.

I started over to the dining area of our little beach house to look out the windows to see how much flooding we'd had during the night.  In the corner (I don't know why!) the house had a giant piece of driftwood.  I saw it, but I did NOT see the dagger-like piece that stuck straight out from it and I ran into it full force and just gouged a big hole out of my leg.

Above, this is the piece of driftwood.  The piece that about killed me is sticking out in the lower, right corner of the photo.
Below, the damage.  As you can see, my leg all around the wound was immediately irritated and it got really sore, too.
Below, here I am all bandaged up.  As you can see, my ankle was already swelling.  The ankle bracelets were soon cutting into my leg and I had to take them off.
My doctor (and the nurse) were SO nice.  They put a non-stick bandage over the wound (after cleaning it --- ouch!) and then wrapped it so it would stay nicely protected.  This was the end of walking the beach.  I tried it, but the bandage moved a bit as I walked, and it felt like the wound was on fire ... really painful.  Anyway, the doctor said if I got sand in the wound, they would have to scrub it out, so even though she said I could do it, it just didn't work out this year.

The doctor complimented me on my new top and wanted to know where I'd gotten it.  She said her friend owned the little shop where I bought it.  She then told me other places near the Urgent Care to shop, as well as finding out what kind of food we liked and suggested a place she thought made the best pizza on the whole beach.  I think she was right!  She couldn't understand why 70 mph winds would bother me when we were from Illinois and had tornadoes.  I told her that tornadoes didn't last all night like the storm from the hurricane did!  Also, we have basements here!!!

After trying the doctor's recommended pizza place, we tried to visit a few shops (closer to the Kitty Hawk area) but they had all been flooded.  What a sad mess.  Anyway, if you have to be unfortunate enough to get hurt on vacation, it's nice to know that they have a wonderful Urgent Care place where you can get help ... along with a big drug store close by, to pick up your meds.

Come on back for Part 5 ... and no more scary pictures, I promise.

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