Sunday, October 23, 2016

OBX 2016 ... An 'Interesting Vacation' ... Part 7, Wrapping It All Up

I'll be wrapping up my tales from the beach today, with this last post.  Yes, the storm was terrifying and yes, we had some interesting experiences.  Would I do it again?  I hope so.  I do love the beach and, hopefully, we won't be in the aftermath of a hurricane again for a long while.  Better yet ... never!
Our beach house had a brand new deck and new steps leading up to it.  The deck chairs were surprisingly very comfortable.
We still got in some relaxing times and got to enjoy the beauty of the ocean and the beach.  I do love it so.  Probably our most amusing excitement was when we came home one day, opened our door and almost let a cute little lizard into our beach house.  He was hanging on our door!  I don't think he was the 'actor' from the insurance commercials:)

I should also mention that our travel time was totally uneventful, thank goodness.  We saw several bad accidents, mostly on the opposite side of the highway.  Our 1-year old Highlander was very comfortable and did a super job of helping us enjoy the trip.  We forgot to look into some audio books, so we spent time telling each other about books we'd read recently.  This was actually quite fun, as we both love to read and always have stories to share.
So... that's my tale of the beach and our 'interesting vacation.'  I hope you enjoyed it all.   I'm resting, with my feet up today because I'm still babying along my 'vacation wound' and then, on Friday, I ran into the bottom, corner edge of one of my leather chairs (with my other leg) and now my left ankle is black ... very black ... and red around the edges.  I'm trying to work a bit and then get back to feet up time.  It's slowing down my work but I get to read while I rest, so not entirely bad.  I can do some designing then, too.  I'm going to try really hard to quit being such a klutz!!!

Come on back as I get back to some fun paper crafting.  What will I be working on next?  I will be getting ready for my Open House/Christmas Party, two more Scraps and Prayers classes for 2016, planning my projects (and gifts) for my November Christmas Retreat ... and... planning for 2017.  It's all fun and exciting!!!  Come on back so you don't miss a thing!

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