Monday, October 12, 2015

First of Two Posts Today: Birthday Surprises / Celebrating 4 Generations

I have 2 posts today --- The first one is all about a very special birthday surprise and the second one is about a wonderful little Christmas card.
First up:  Yesterday, we gave my Mother-in Law a wonderful birthday surprise.  My husband and I usually go over to Lincoln at least once or twice a week for a visit and a meal.  Yesterday, we changed our plans at the last minute and told her we were bringing food and would eat at her house.  We did this, of course, to hide a little surprise.  5-day old Joseph Christopher was going to drop in with his family for a birthday surprise visit.  Ilah was really surprised and just couldn't believe that she got to see him when he was only 5 days old.  It was a wonderful ending to a beautiful day.
Above, Ilah Mae with Joseph Christopher.  Below, Ilah and Joseph with his 2 brothers, Aaron and Ben.
Bill, Ben, Ilah with Joseph, Jenn, and Aaron.  No, Aaron doesn't pose well for a photo shoot.  We are trying to learn to live with this.  This shot shows 4 generations and Ilah is with 3 of her SEVEN great-grandchildren.  What a wonderful life! 
Here is the rose on the altar at our morning worship service, in honor of Joseph Christopher.

OK, we'll take a break from family blogging and I'll be back later today with my second post and a cute little 4 1/4" square Christmas card.  
Be sure to come back!

Have a wonderful and blessed day and enjoy the beautiful weather.

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