Friday, October 9, 2015

Progress Report

Well, after a night under the lights, little Joseph's bilirubin levels went up a little (instead down toward the desired 10), so his doc ordered an IV for last night.  He's eating well, so that's a great sign.  I can't wait to get him home and let the Nanna spoiling begin.  Last night, I had Olive Jane AND the 2 boys for the night.  I managed to get them all fed by myself, bathed by myself and into bed on time.  I made the mistake of bragging this morning of how well we've done all week... getting the boys on their buses on time and taking care of them and then to bed on time.  Never brag.  While I was doing that, Ben's bus driver (a sub) forgot to pick him up and so he missed the bus.  He was upset he would be in trouble.  Papa took him up to his school in the car.  They walked in and found everyone in an assembly and no one even knew at that point that he was late.  All's well that ends well.  I must say, it's been a ball having everyone here and I love being their Nanna.  Don't ask me how tired I am right now.  It's not negotiable.
Get better, sweet little guy.  We love you!

I do have some cards ready to share with you.  Be sure you don't miss one of my upcoming posts for a Christmas Retreat sneak peek!

Have a beautiful day!


  1. Lana, he is Beautiful!!! Congratulations to all!!!

    1. Thanks, Chris. We already just love him to pieces.


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