Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I'd like to introduce...

In my previous post, I told you to be sure to come back for some very exciting news.  Are you ready?  Today, I'd like to introduce you to my newest grandson.  Meet Joseph Christopher, born October 6 at 2:54 AM.
Joseph weighed in at 8 pounds, 12 ounces and I still can't get over his beautiful, dark hair.  All my other grandchildren are pretty much blondes.  Maybe he got some of the dark (formerly dark) hair genes from his Nanna and Papa.
It's almost impossible to get Aaron to give the camera a good smile, so I just love this shot of when he first got to hold Joseph. 
I can't tell who is the most 'over the moon' about this baby... Ben or me.  Ben has always loved babies.  He's very good with puppies and babies.  I think he'll be a big help.
This shot shows their daddy introducing the boys to Joseph.  He stopped crying right away with all their attention.  He has the tiniest little cry.  Nanna will have a difficult time not spoiling him rotten!  I do get the pleasure of taking care of him full-time when my daughter goes back to work, so it's just my job to spoil him... right?
I loved this shot, but the color wasn't too great, so I just changed it to a black and white... very artsy????
Last night, when I was putting the boys to bed, they couldn't stop talking about the baby and how cute he is.  I printed off photos for each of them to take to school.  They each climbed on their bus to go to school and immediately showed their photo to their bus driver.  They have the nicest drivers ever!
I think Papa likes him pretty well, too.
Trying to get both boys awake and ready for school today was kind of like walking through mud and pulling them through mud but we actually had plenty of time and got to sit on the porch and chat a bit before they left.  I think we're doing great! 

I might have a tiny bit of time for some stamping today, in between physical therapy for my shoulder, visiting the hospital again, the boys having early dismissal... What a week this has been!  Tomorrow, Olive Jane is coming and will spend the night, so the excitement never ends.  I can't wait for her to get to meet Joseph!  I feel so blessed.

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