Saturday, October 10, 2015

Prayers And Progress

I have since updated my previous post.  I was mistaken in thinking it was good if Joseph's numbers went up.  They really needed to go DOWN.  He had a very rough night, filled with lots of prayers, TLC, super care and, finally, some progress in the right direction ... toward 10 ... for his bilirubin number.  Prayers have helped so much.  He'll be having another blood test in a few minutes, so we're praying hard for this one to be the winner.

We did get to enjoy in a really short visit yesterday, for the boys (and Nanna) to hold Joseph again and for Olive Jane to meet him and hold him.  This photo almost captures her giving him a kiss.  It was really fun to have all three kids playing here yesterday.  The boys love having their cousin visit.  Each of us got to hold him for a matter of seconds, but it was well worth it. 
He's dressed in the little outfit I got him for going home because they'd just finished doing his hospital photo shoot.  He was ready to eat now!  I love him so much.  I'll keep you posted and hope you'll join us in prayers for our sweet Joseph.

I do have some cards ready to share with you.  Be sure you don't miss one of my upcoming posts for a Christmas Retreat sneak peek!  I promise!!!

Have a beautiful day!

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