Thursday, October 8, 2015

Under the Lights

Well, my sweet little one spent the night under the lights.  Let's hope he gets to go home soon. 
In between my physical therapy and meeting the school buses (early dismissal) yesterday, we got in a nice visit with little Joseph.  He made these sweet, little, tiny noises while I held him and kept trying to hold up his little head and look at me.  We're going to be great buddies. 

After the boys got home, we did homework, gathered more clothes for laundry, played outside, had dinner, walked the puppies, and just had a great evening.  I was exhausted, but happy.  We even had time for me to fill the jet tub and give them a luxurious bubble bath, complete with jets on.  Aaron thanked me again, during breakfast, for the bubble bath.  What sweet boys.  I could have done without Aaron telling me that ... no, he guessed his clothes were not in the right place and did not get washed in the first load:)  He did help start another load going.

This week's schedule has been a killer and next week promises to be just about as busy.  I am spending a little time each day getting ready for my big October Retreat (October 17).  I love making Christmas cards.  The one I worked on yesterday came out just gorgeous, but was so complicated that I had to take it off the 'yes' list for the Retreat.  I don't want anyone to go home feeling like they spent the entire day on one card:)  I'll post some sneak peeks very soon.  Keep checking back.

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