Monday, January 25, 2016

Getting Your Sparkle On, Part 13

As we begin my next to the last post in this little mini series, I have a project for you using our Foil Sheets.  I don't know if they qualify as fitting the 'sparkle' theme, but they are certainly shiny.  I've added them to a card that is covered with sparkle, so this one gets to play, for sure:) 
I left off the sentiment, for now, until I decide if I need it for a congrats or a birthday card.  It would be great for either.
Instead of stamping on the inside of the card, I added more shiny stars, cut with our tiny star punch.
If you're wondering about the background, this card uses the dryer sheet technique.  I've had several requests for a tutorial on this technique, so come back for my next post and I'll have the tutorial for you, along with another dryer sheet card.  See you then!  

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