Thursday, February 7, 2013

All About the Cards --- Friday 3-4-5 Card Buffet Classes

Hello there!  Today, I'm going to talk about my Friday 3-4-5 Card Buffet Classes.  These classes are designed to give you some freedom of choice in what you'd like to make.  We have so much fun at these classes!  Because it's a card buffet, I usually have out around 12 choices of kits for you.  Some people choose to make multiples of the same card and some people choose to make 1 each of several cards.  You can make 3 cards for $5. or 6 cards for $10. or 9 cards for $15.

The class is designed to offer something for everyone.

For the beginner, it offers a way to make a few cards and not feel intimidated by trying to keep up and finish a big pile of projects.

For the experienced stamper, it offers a way to make a bunch of quick cards, get in some social time and yet still be home in time for family activities.

I offer much more detailed cards, using various special techniques, but not at the Friday 3-4-5 classes.  You'll have to come back another time for the more advanced projects OR book your own Private Card Class.  Contact me if this is something you'd like to pursue. 

My goal with the Friday 3-4-5 classes is to provide quick, simple cards ... but still have them be really cute cards.  I offer a rotating supply of kits and a rotating choice of themes for all occasions.  For example, I have 3 returning kits for tomorrow's class and the others are all new.  Whenever a kit is used up, it is replaced with a new kit / new card.

So you can see, it is a lot of fun.  It is a challenge and a lot of work for me to keep rotating and supplying new kits, but a challenge that I am enjoying.  We use the note card sets, so envelopes are included and they are a mailable size.

So, enough talk / type ... let's see some of the cards:

These will be 2 of the new kits out this time.  I rely on DSP, punches and the Big Shot to help speed up the 'creating time' to make these cards, so we don't have to skimp on fun details. 

Dimensionals and a sprig of ribbon help to bump up the 'cute factor' of this card.  It could be for a baby card or just a cute Spring note card.  Who wouldn't enjoy sending/receiving a cute little row of ducks?!  Punching out the focal piece is what speeds up creating this card.

I love making coordinating envelopes.  I did cut out the boots on this card, but they don't take very long.  I chose the clouds embossing folder for the envelope to coordinate with the clouds on the rain boots.

Here are some of the cards we made at the last Friday 3-4-5 Card Buffet.   These kits are all 'retired' from the class now.

If you want to see the other cards, you'll just have to join us for a fun stamping time.  The Friday 3-4-5 Card Buffet Classes are always on the second Friday of each month.

Have a great day!

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