Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tutorial: How to Add Fabric to Your Framed Projects

In my last post, I mentioned that I'd been using fabric in my frames.  Today, I'll share how I did it.  You'll be amazed at how easy (and fun) it is to do!

First up, I'd like you to see what I added to one of the frames from my last post.  The background is fabric.

I've used elements from a Simply Scrappin' Kit!  Want to see the rest?  It's at the end of the post.
I've added buttons and used dimensionals, to give it a happy look.

So... how do you add fabric?  Here we go:
You need fabric, cut to the size for your project.
You need an iron and you need our roll of Fabric Adhesive.
Cut the Fabric Adhesive to the size you need and iron the DULL side of the Fabric Adhesive to the WRONG side of your fabric.  Let it cool.  Gently peel off the Fabric Adhesive backing (as in photo below) and you'll see the shiny side exposed.  This will be kind of tacky.
Place the shiny (tacky) side of the fabric/Fabric Adhesive onto the back of whatever you'd like to attach it (in this case, chipboard) and gently iron again ON THE FABRIC SIDE.  Here, you see the back of the chipboard, after I've attached the fabric to it.  (This is the chipboard that came with the frame.)
Carefully trim off the excess fabric, after it cools.
Notice that, with fabric that has a definite design (in this case writing) you'll want to be sure you attach it so it's straight.  Line it up with one edge of your chipboard and it should be fine.
Before reassembling your frame, decide if you'd like some ribbons around the edge of the frame.  In this project, I used torn strips of fabric as the ribbon.
You'll notice that the glass is on the BACK side of my frame.  I needed it to make the thickness right for the frame, so it would go back together correctly.  If you don't want to use the glass, cut a piece of cardboard that is about the same thickness.  I just like to use the glass so I don't have to worry about throwing it away.
Now, you're ready to add a photo or stamped image or whatever else you can think up to make a cute display.

So, want to see the large frame again?  ... all of it?   Here it is!
In this frame, the fabric is ironed onto and directly attached to the glass.
I've left room for photos or other memorabilia.  See how much fun it is?  

As for the Fabric Adhesive, remember that you can iron it onto chipboard or glass.  It works!  
Here it is on chipboard (above and below).  I did both sides, so the project has a nice finished look to it.
Here it is on glass (behind the mat). 
 Fabric adds such a wonderful touch to a project.  I hope you'll give it a try.  

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