Monday, March 18, 2013

A Ribbon Wrapped Wreath

Here's a wreath I just finished.  I actually made 2 of them, to hang behind the bar in my studio.  I've used fabric and embossed CS for the flowers, with antique brads for the centers.  The wreath base is wrapped in our new 2-tone Basic Gray ribbon.

I also used some of the beautiful lace from our Artisan Embellishment Kit.  It's under the flowers.

I followed a tip I found on Pinterest, to hang my wreaths.  I used a hook mounted upside down on the inside of the cabinet doors.  You loop the ribbon over the hook and then it goes over the top of the door.  This is a great solution for hiding a hook you don't really want to show and there's no damage to your cabinet doors.

By the way, the ribbon is absolutely yummy and it's very easy to work with it.  You'll love it!

I feel like I've been running to catch a bus and falling further and further behind.  Do you ever feel like that?  I have a chunk of time --- today, tomorrow and Wed. --- and I am bound and determined to spend these 3 days working like a dog.  Let's see what all I can get done.  All I need to do is ... oh, I don't even want to list it all.  It does include a lot of creating and, hopefully, finishing up my taxes - so my husband won't kill me.

Have a great day.  That puff of smoke was just me --- taking off on the run to charge into 3 intense work days.  I'm calling it Day 1 of my Work Like a Dog mission.  It will be fun (well not so much, when it comes to taxes); it will be madly insane; it will be busy... and, hopefully, it will be amazingly productive!!!  Have a good day.  Check back tomorrow and see how I'm doing:)  Oh, and while you're waiting, take a tour of my studio.  I could use the company.

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