Sunday, June 15, 2014

My Hero And I Are Not Having A Very Good Weekend

I've been posting about my hero, my sweet husband and the excitement we've had over the publishing of his book.  Then, I've been absent from posting a few days because I got really sick and, just as I was getting better, my husband, my hero, was in a car accident.  He passed out while driving and ran into some bushes.  Thank God for strong bushes.  They think it was a blood sugar problem.  While in the hospital, they discovered an irregular heartbeat, so he is being monitored for both problems.  It has been a very scary, very upsetting weekend, but it could have been much, much worse.  He had been driving on the interstate!  Keep us in your prayers and let's hope he gets to come home soon.  Here's a shot of our sweet Olive Jane when Papa's book arrived at their house.
Hopefully, I can get back to sharing some of my latest projects soon.  Happy Father's Day to all you hero guys out there, especially my hero.

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