Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Hero Is Home

Yesterday was a good day!  Late in the afternoon, I got to bring my hero home.  He has been a human pin cushion and has bruises, poke marks, scrapes and scratches all over.  We are both exhausted and unsure of what the future holds for us, but happy to go forward from here.  I'll be his chauffeur for the next 6 months or more.

When our sweet Olive Jane came to visit Papa in the hospital, this is what she brought that she'd made for him.
She was so excited to give it to him!  She kept saying:  "Papa, you're a superhero!"  Having my DIL and Olive Jane visit meant the world to my husband... and to me.
That's her name Olive 'signed' at the bottom.  She insisted that her daycare provider clean the brushes and mix up some white paint for her because she HAD to paint Papa's beard.  She didn't care so much about the hair, but he HAD to have his beard.  I think artistic talent runs in our family:)

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