Monday, June 9, 2014

Tokens and Incentives

I've noticed that I've been having a problem... a silly little problem... a lot of the time.  The problem is that my customers kept forgetting to place their name into the jar for our monthly drawing.  I tried to remember to add their name when they forgot, but it didn't always happen.

I thought about it and decided that maybe it was too confusing... enter different number of times for different categories, etc.  I put on my thinking cap and have come up with a way to keep things simple.  When it comes to stamping and paper crafting fun, everything should always be simple and always fun.

So... for now, I'm doing away with the jar for our monthly drawing.  You will still get incentives... new incentives.  Here's how it will work:

Class Chip Tokens
Every time you come to a class, I will give you a token.  You keep them and when you collect 10, you get a free class!!!  It's that simple.  Just don't lose your tokens!!!

Stampin' Tokens
I'll still have my Stampin' Tokens program.  Whenever you place an order of $50. or more (before tax and shipping) you will earn a token.
Keep it in your little money bag that I gave you.  When you collect 10 Stampin' Tokens, you get to choose a free stamp set!  Again, it's that simple.  And once again, just don't lose your Stampin' Tokens!
The Stampin' Tokens Program has already been in place for a while.  The Class Chip Tokens Program is effective since June 1, 2014.

Now, all we have to do is think of a new job for Toby Joe, since he won't need to choose a monthly winner.

So...... now start earning your chips and tokens.    Good luck!!! 
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