Friday, April 11, 2014

It's All About The Jar, Part 1

I love big, clunky jars, old canning, jars with unusual shapes...  all kinds of jars.  As with old boxes, they are fun AND they are functional.  Two of my favorite jars in my studio serve a useful purpose, besides looking pretty.  One is for ribbon scraps and I'll show you that one today.  It's fairly large and pretty much full.
Having a ribbon jar in my studio is quite handy.  Whenever I cut off the ends of a ribbon, if it's even long enough to make a levi tag, the scraps go into this jar.  If I have a longer piece of ribbon at the end of a spool that is retiring and cannot be reordered, I keep it in the jar.  You never know when you may need just that color for a project.

When I have a class project, such as paper bag albums or anything needing a large variety of ribbons, I like to set the jar out on the table and let everyone make up their own combinations of ribbons.  They're all so pretty!
It won't stay this full for long, though.  I have a project to work on with the boys and it will use up quite a lot of short pieces of ribbons.  I'll be sharing that soon.

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