Monday, April 21, 2014

More About My Ribbons Album

I've had a lot of questions about and interest in my Ribbons Album.  Let's talk a little more about it today.  It's chock full of wonderful pages.  Each page will have an example of a wonderful way to use ribbon... in your cards, projects and/or scrapbook pages.  This way, you'll not forget what you learned and you can enjoy using these techniques again, may times.
Let's take a look at the cover of the album.  There are 3 ways I'm using ribbons, just on the cover.  

- a place to showcase techniques for using ribbons
- a new technique on each page, with examples using actual ribbons
- a way to learn and keep track of all the techniques for using ribbons
- an expandable album, so you can add pages if you come across new techniques
- pretty, fun, and useful way to showcase what you've learned
- Think of it as a reference book -- a ready reference; always on hand.

- It is NOT a ribbons sampler.
- It is NOT a ribbons storage system.
- It is NOT a scrapbook, although I suppose you could make it into one.

- Use the ribbon techniques for creating beautiful cards.
- Use the ribbon techniques for creating beautiful projects, gift boxes and gift bags.
- Use the ribbon techniques for creating unique and beautiful scrapbook pages.

Now, let's take a sneak peek at some cards I've made recently.  Each one uses ribbons in a unique and special way.  
I love, love, love all the ways I've used ribbons on these cards, but I have a lot more ways to use ribbons, as well.  In starting this project, I soon realized that, if we made just cards or projects at the May 5 class, we wouldn't be able to learn about all the techniques that I want to share with you.  Also, you'd feel like you'd either send the cards to someone special and then never have an example of how to use the ribbons OR, you'd feel like you needed to keep the cards - to remember how to use the ribbons - and then not have the joy of sharing the cards with others.  

I also realized that I'd forgotten some of the special ways I'd used ribbons in the past and had to really work to remember them all.  I realized that I needed a place - one special place - to keep track of all my ribbon techniques, so that I'd have a ready reference on hand whenever I needed it.
So... I came up with the idea that I could show you LOTS of techniques for using ribbons and you could learn and remember all of them, by keeping the technique samples in an album.  In future classes, we'll continue to use ribbons in unique ways, but you'll be able to enjoy sharing those cards and projects with others and always keep track of what you've learned in your technique album.  Make sense?

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