Thursday, April 24, 2014

Leftovers Layout

As soon as I saw the leftovers from this kit, I already started designing a scrapbook layout (in my head) to create with some of the pieces.  I had extra DSP squares and I had extra circles (already stitched together!) from the banner kit.  I added some extra punched pieces (made from scraps) that I will later use for stamping and/or journaling.  I've left this one simple, until I zoom in on which photos I'll put on it.

Here's my layout:
Design Talk:
I kind of worked backwards on this one.  I usually start with photos, plan my colors, work out my design and then let the creative process carry me along.  This time, I started with the pieces and worked without any photos in mind.

The reason:  
Sometimes, you 'see' a design in your head for a layout, much like a card design inspiration, and you just have to make it.

My plan:  
The bright colors will easily go with lots of photos... OR... I'll print my photos in black and white and they will totally go with the design.  Fun!

My advice:
When you 'see' a design for a layout in your head, go ahead and make it --- so you won't lose the idea.  You can always add to it and/or tweak it later.  You don't want to lose the idea.
OR ---
If you started that inspiration journal I keep advising you to do, you can sketch your design inspiration into your journal and keep your idea there until you're ready to sit down and create it.
With bright, bold colors and fun designs like these, I'll probably use this layout for something like kids playing in the park... or maybe a party theme.  I just know it will be fun.

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