Friday, April 25, 2014

More Ribbons, Please

I've been having so much fun playing with ribbon techniques.  How about a sneak peek at my album pages in progress?  These aren't even completely attached yet and there are a lot more pages to come.  I'm really having fun working on this project.  My album will become a useful part of my resources that I know I will keep and use again and again.  I plan to leave a few blank pages in the back, too, so I can add more ideas as I come up with them.
For our May 5 Ribbons Magic class, we'll make an album in which to keep all our techniques, but we'll also have some extra sheets of photos of card examples.  This should help inspire even more ideas when you go to create cards using ribbons.

Here's the album:
I intentionally featured 3 ways to use ribbon on the cover.  I wanted to start out running!
- You can add a pleated strip of ribbon.
- You can tie a sprig of ribbon into a knot, v-cut the ends and attach it as an embellishment.
- You can tie it around an embellishment, such as the rings holding our album together.
I've tied 3 pieces of ribbon around each ring holding our album together.  I've v-cut all the ends.  This is a wonderful way to add a fun embellishment to an album.  Remember, the class will feature ways to use ribbons on cards, scrapbook layouts, AND projects, such as this album.  You could use the pleated ribbon or the knotted sprig embellishment on gift boxes and gift bags, as well as fun scrapbook layouts.  See, we're rolling in ideas already!
Here are the handout sheets everyone will get at the class.  I want each person to go home with lots and lots of ideas!  I'm still working on my class prep for this class, so there may be 1 or 2 more sheets before I'm finished.
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