Friday, April 18, 2014

Look What I Bought!

The boys and I were out on some errands yesterday and we stopped at the Wildflour.  They love looking around the Root Cellar (Amazing, isn't it?) and then going to the bakery for a treat.  I had seen 2 darling cups on FB and hoped they still had them.  I was in luck!  They are now in my studio, holding buttons.  They may or may not stay there, because I do like to move things around often, to give a fresh look.  These are just so cute and fun!  I like to include fun and unique items, such as these cups, in my studio decor.  They are useful and help to keep my studio a happy place that will inspire creativity.
Did I mention how much I like buttons?  These are just a few I have right now --- for real.

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