Thursday, December 22, 2016

Blue and Silver for Christmas

Today's card is just plain pretty, with it's soft, warm colors.  What can I say?  I love it. 
The boys are off school now, so we're working on projects ... a bit of a challenge, with a 14 month old baby with us, as well, but we're doing it and making some pretty cute creations.  We called their great-grandmother (my MIL) yesterday and sang a Christmas song to her.  She was tickled.  The baby is learning to say:  "Ho, Ho, Ho" now ... super cute!  He loves looking at all the decorations for Christmas and mostly is able to gently touch them.  His true love, though, is Toby Joe.  He likes the puppies and they love him, but he adores Toby Joe.  Toby is excellent with him.  Joey crawls over to him, turns his back to him, and scoots up against him and they cuddle ... briefly ... until Toby decides to go rest somewhere else.  It's a wonderful time of the year. 
So... back to my card ... I just love this one.  I have enough cards and projects to share with you to last the rest of the year.  I'll share some of the projects the boys worked on with me, but not until after Christmas.  We can't spoil any surprises:)
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