Friday, December 23, 2016

Soft Sky Star of Light

This is a version of the card I sent out this year for Christmas.  I should have sent out the same version, as it was a lot less complicated.  This card is actually pretty easy to create, if you like to make the watercolor backgrounds.  After letting the watercolor background dry completely, I stamped and embossed the star images (Isn't the large one just gorgeous?!)  After the embossed images cooled, I spritzed the entire front of the watercolor layer with some of my shimmer mist.  After that, it was just a matter of assembling all the pieces.  This is a good one to mail, as there are no embellishments sticking up to interfere with the mailing process.
The card I sent, had the same images on the front, but I mixed the reinker for the watercoloring with Frost White Shimmer Paint and then created the watercolor background.  I still spritzed it all with shimmer mist before assembling.
I love the images and the text on the inside of the card.  This is just a perfect stamp set!
Ok, so this is another favorite of the year.
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