Wednesday, October 23, 2013

More About the Sweater Weather Cards

Today, I want to share more about my Sweater Weather cards.  We'll be making one of these at Kelly's party at the Wildflour this Saturday.  Your toughest job will be deciding which design of paper you want to use on your card.

It's officially a chilly day and I love the cool, crisp air, but I'm sad that my flowers have all had it.  I will miss them.  This has been such a great year for my container garden.  It will inspire me to do even more next year.  My husband has the first cold/fever/ickiness of Fall and I may be close behind.  I'm trying to rest and avoid getting it.  We kiss by tapping elbows at times like this, like in the movie Young Doctor Frankenstein.

So... back to the cards:
I made up 4 cards --- all the same except for the design of the papers.  Which one do you like the best?  Let's take a closer look:

 ... and here they all are again:
Thanks for stopping by.  Stay warm, stay healthy, and be happy... and go create something beautiful today.

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