Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Antiquing Finds, Part 2

Warning:  Today's post will have some messy pictures.  Don't worry, you'll be able to handle it.  I want to share with you some of my 'stash' that I've collected over the summer.  I'll be working on these items over the next few months.  Most of them will go to my Prairie Treasures booth at the Root Cellar (in the Wildflour), but some I just have to keep.  I'm trying to decide what colors I want to use for everything, so if you have suggestions, please share them with me.

Welcome to my garage.  The old bench/table item is really cool.  I am thinking maybe a cool, soft green for part of it.  What do you think?  The box is really heavy.  I may decorate it with a Christmas centerpiece.  I've seen some cool ideas for this on Pnterest.  The little stool that is upside down is very badly covered with fabric.  I want to look for some really neat fabric for it.  I think I may actually have some in my 'stash' that would look really pretty on it.  I plan to redo it all.

See the 2 super cool stools?  One is all red and one is cream with a red seat.  I don't know if these will end up in my Prairie Treasures booth or somewhere on my porch.  I absolutely love them.

Here's another shot of the stools.

What can you do with two cute little chairs?  Hmmmmmm...
These 2 little chairs were a good bargain.  What color would you suggest for them?  I was thinking maybe an off-white, but I haven't made my final decision.

The milk cans are all my daughter's.  We're going to have a paint party one of these days, here in the garage.  My husband is starting to worry if we're going to force him out of a parking place.

Look closely, and you can see a cute little ice cream style stool (close to the car's tire).  It has metal legs and a wooden seat inside the metal frame on top.  I need color suggestions for that, too.  The upside down little stool/table is super cute.  I don't know if I want to do it in a barn red, an off-white, a soft green or what.  Suggestions, please!!!!!

I thought this folding chair was really neat.  I love all the slats in the seat.  It's in quite sturdy condition, too.  This would look good in an off-white... or should I leave it natural?

So... I have a lot of fun projects ahead of me.  Don't I?  Sorry the photos are messy, but I did warn you.  I truly would appreciate color suggestions.  It would be so much fun to hear from you on this.
Thanks for stopping by and come back soon.  I will share photos from time to time, as I finish my redo on these projects.  In the meantime, I've brought home even more treasures, so I can't wait to get started.  This is going to be fun!!!

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